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Dates and links of interest

Youth Meeting in Bui/Cameroon
Youth Meeting in Bui/Cameroon
Youth Meeting in Bui/Cameroon


Today, we all live in a globalized world. The Protestant Church in Baden / South Western Germany with its districts and congregations has developed quite a number of international partnerships. We consider this as part of our calling to establish friendships with Christians from all over the world. In this process, we want to particularly address and connect young people from different churches we are in touch with.<?xml:namespace prefix="o" /?="/?">

We are eager to see that more young people find their way into our network of international partnerships. We find that their active participation is crucial and that they must be given a proper chance to develop their own concerns in this context. For exactly that purpose we are planning the world-wide gathering "Global Youth in Partnership". It is designed to address the question: How can young people become more powerfully involved in partnership matters?


Who is invited

Young people from churches in Africa, America and Asia which are in contact with partner districts or congregations in the Protestant Church of Baden as well as their young counterparts in Germany. Ideally each existing partnership would be represented by one or two international guests together with one or two young persons from Germany. Altogether we have places for  25 participants


The procedure of invitation

Young people from abroad will be invited through their partnership group in Baden. Those invited should be

-         active members or leaders of the youth ministry of their respective home church

-         be willing to play an actice role in the meeting through their conributions (e.g. music, prayers, cooking, introductions to their home churches)

-         in contact with the partnership group of their church and be officially nominated by it as participant of the meeting

-         actively participating in travel arrangements according to the arranged flights to Germany (visa requirements, organization of the journey to the airport etc.)

-         prepared to take part in the whole programme

-         willing to communicate the results of the meeting to their youth and partnership constituencies after they return home


Major issues of the  meeting

Primarily there will be time to get to know each other, exchange views and share each other's spirituality. We are sure this will contribute to strengthening the worldwide partnership network.


More specifically, we want to explore together possibilities of creating better conditions for the involvement of young people in existing partnership relations. On the basis of our experiences we want to outline the framework of a future network and the potentials it may have.


Violence and the lack of peace are burning issues in most of our societies. How to become a more active "peacemaker" will therefore be an issue high on the agenda of the meeting. In theory and practice we want to introduce into different models of conflict resolution. The results of this part of the programme will be presented and shared in a special workshop of a larger youth meeting called "Youvent" which we are going to visit together as an integral part of our gathering "Global Youth in Partnership".



When does it all happen

The programme runs from September 20th to October 8th, 2013. It is important to participate in the entire programme.


Programme Locations

September 20th-27th, 2013: Youth Training Center in Bühl

September 27th-29th, 2013: "Youvent" – Central Youth Camp in Kehl

Sept. 29th – Oct. 6th, 2013: Stay with your partner organization (congregation or church district) in their respective places

October 6th- 8th, 2013: Church Center "Schloss Beuggen" at Rheinfelden



Young adults between 18 and 30 years of age who are active members or leaders in the youth networks of their churches. Obviously there should be an  interest in developing internationalpartnership relationships. Since English will be the "official" language of our meeting, everybody should be able to communicate in English.



Guests from abroad are invited and do not have to pay any fees. Travel expenses of guests from the "Global South" will be covered by German church organizations. In this case, flights have to be booked in close contact with the organizer. Costs for visa and journey in the home country, however, will have to be covered by the participant or his/her church.



You can apply for the programme by contacting  your partner organization in Germany or directly the organizer. In any case it would be helpful to keep contact to the organizer throughout the whole period of the preparations of the meeting. This is important not only concerning all practical preparations, but also in view of the detailed programme planning of the meeting.


Organizer in charge

Mr. Eberhard Deusch

Schloss Beuggen 11

D-79618 Rheinfelden

E-Mail: mission-oekumene[dot]suedbaden[at]ekiba[dot]de

Fon: 0049-7623-50635

Fax: 0049-7623-50666

Eberhard Deusch is on the staff of the Department on Mission and Ecumenical Relations of the Protestant Church in Baden.